Saturday, November 28, 2009

I have a 12 year old grand-daughter!

Kenidee; (Jennifer's daughter) is now 12 years old!. Time flies by sooo fast! It just seems like the other day she was running around here hating pink, dolls, and anything girly!
Now she is into jewelry, (even got her ears pierced) babysitting and giggles about boys.
She still likes to play her sports though; like basketball.
Here is a new watch we gave her for her birthday.

A new scrapbooking kit for all her pictures. Hopefully she will take after me and get her pictures organized and not take after her mother and just hardly ever take pictures let alone put them into books. This kit was really cool. It contained EVERYTHING to get one started into the hobby of scrapbooking. I found it at where else? Walmart!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

A short visit to Jackson Hole

On October 25-27th, Scott had a Legislative conference on energy in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. So while he was in meetings ALL day long, the senate president's wife and I went to town. We were staying in Teton Village; so it was a little jont to drive into Jackson. Here is proof I was there. We had lunch one day in the Silver Dollar Bar and grill. I acccidently erased the picture of us by all the silver dollars embedded into the bar. But it was pretty cool. Weather was beautiful until Tuesday morning we woke up to snow! Winter is just around the corner I'm afraid.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fixing leaking pipes in our home

When we did our first remodel in our house; Scott installed a new pipe that was flexible instead of the copper piping to fix our heat. This flexible stuff was the NEW was to go because it made plumbing easier. Well now over ten years later....that GREAT pipe is split and leaking all inside my walls and crawlspace.

We have had to cut holes in my walls; ripped up a stair to get to this faulty piping. (which is the orange ones.)

Mold was growing inside my walls on the sheetrock.

All the orange pipe had to be replaced with new black flexible hose.
Thanks to Tim and Devin, we got it fixed. So now that leads to painting, new flooring (which is the least) but does that mean another major remodel is in the works and this is only the beginning? Not sure I'm up to that emotionally!