Friday, September 26, 2008

"aarg, there Maties" It's fun to be a cubmaster!

I have been a cubmaster for a year now. Unfortunately; I have only one cubscout.

Our most recent pack meeting. We dressed up as pirates and went on a treasure hunt.

Paul and Teresa Versey are cubmasters in the other ward that shares our pack meeting. So between the two wards we have about 18 boys. (including my one)

Golfing pays off

This summer I have been golfing each week with Carolyn Hales. We have a great time. This last week, it paid off for us. We got in for free! and even when we went inside for drinks after our game; we got those for free too. Something that has never happened to Scott!

The ball that is the closest to the hole is mine! How frustrating is that?

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Labor Day at Bear Lake

Labor day weekend had all of us at Bear Lake for one last beach time. The kids could stay for hours in the sand and water. We don't have a boat or wave runners; but for right now it's ok, because the kids just love the beach. Hannah and Griffin show their treasure of shells.
If you remember; Monday which was Labor Day it rained all day. So no beach time, but Reagan brought an umbrella and it was fun to just be in the rain.

A Build a Bear Birthday for Reagan and Hannah

Reagan who is Jennifer's daughter and Hannah who is Erik's daughter just recently turned 5 years old. Their birthdays are two weeks apart. So this year we went to Build a Bear at the Gateway in Salt Lake City to add two new friends to our family.

Reagan is showing us Gabriella

Hannah shows us Katie

The girls brought their new friends to our cabin over the Labor Day weekend.