Monday, February 28, 2011

Hanging out with the Dinosaurs

This year the kids were given the opportunity to put together a dino puzzle. If they succeeded, they were given a wooden puzzle of a dinosaur. Thanks Thanksgiving Point!
Showing all their puzzles. I wonder if Kenidee will be able to get hers back from Kaycee.
The 3-D movie was very entertaining this year. Even the little ones liked it. Free popcorn is fun.
It's a long drive; but the kids don't get tired of being amongst the dinos at Thanksgiving Point.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Another fun evening at Discovery Gateway

Tuesday night everyone (except Scott) had a fun time at Discovery Gateway. The water trough is always a hit.
Hannah shows off her rock climbing skills. Looks like she is ready for a Moab trip!
Kenidee and Kate play with the cash register in the store. Kate loved ringing up the food items that Kenidee was shopping for.
Anchormen Griffin and Brianne deliver us the local news.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Utah State University and the Legislative Wives

Utah State university came last week and gave us an amazing luncheon featuring their ARTS department. Here was our dessert. Aggie ice cream and a chocolate wave of musical notes.
The fashion department showed off their contest winner of making a dress out of office furniture. You can see the bodice is a chair back and the frame work for the dress; the legs of the chair and material from the seat of office chair. They had taken 1st place in the contest with other schools.
Add a battery pack and you have lights! It was truely fantastic!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A fun family night at the aquarium

Last night we braved the snowy weather and went to the Living Planet Aquarium for a great family night. Here Brianne and Kate get to touch a snake.
Erik is going to make sure that Kate doesn't back out of touching this huge thing!
Addison is not sure if this is what she wants to do either. But in the long run; only the youngest of the grandkids ended up being brave enough to touch the snakes. (They didn't know better)
Kate and Cameron are hoping to touch a stingray. (But their arms were just not long enough)
Kenidee, Kaden, Brianne, Griffin and James are being "electrified" by the electric eel. Thanks Living Planet for great food and a great time!