Thursday, September 23, 2010

A fun evening watching The Lion KIng!

Wednesday night, Scott and I went to see The Lion King in Salt Lake City! It was fantastic! The puppets (animals) were so clever and creative. I scrapbooked these pages and then erased my disc on my camera, so hopefully you can see the pictures well enough.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

One last weekend before summer ends

Labor day weekend is our last hurray before summer ends. Our girls and their families went up to Bear Lake with us to enjoy the long weekend. Of course the most importandt item on the "to do List" was to mount this bad boy.
He really takes up most of the room like he owns it! Not sure I really am in love with it....but Scott is so that's what matters.
Monday; which was labor day, it ended up too cold for a beach day and day of getting wet, so we went to the local park while the guys golfed. Kenidee brought a friend with her. this is her and Kalli trying out all the climbing things.
The rock wall was fun for the boys to try their skills on. It was an enjoyable trip for us all; Except Scott who ended up with phenomonia and ended up taking a drive to Logan Sunday for medication and a doctors visit.