Saturday, May 30, 2009

Another graduate in the family!

Hannah graduated from her pre-school yesterday May 29, 2009. There was a short ceremony in the teachers backyard.Her teacher gave all the kids a graduate autograph dog, these t-shirts and then a book with all their individual work sheets and pictures of field-trips they had done for the year.
Now on to Plain City Elementary this fall! I'm sure that she is ready. Her pre-school taught her alot.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

California Trip May 2009

It is Christmas in May! Scott and I took all our children and 9 of our grandchildren to California this past week. Here we all are in Sea World.

The Zoo in San Diego was really fun. Perfect weather. And not hardly any crowds.
The animals were all very active!

Wednesday; we had breakfast with some of the characters! Brianne (Jolene's daughter who is 3 spent most of her time under her table because she was scared.) Tigger however; didn't scare her. Nor Austin and Scott either.

Irene and I waited in line for about 45 minutes to get a picture with Mickey.

Minnie was one of the many characters we had breakfast with. What a fun vacation!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Shawnee Graduates from Weber State

Shawnee graduated from Weber State today in Child and Family studies.

She was also honored as an outstanding student teacher for The Children's School
We are so proud of her. Shawnee is planning on teaching pre-school out of her home this fall. She already has about 12 students signed up.