Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Better Late Than Never for Easter Pictures

Here are our 3 one-year olds enjoying their first
Easter that they can participate in. Olivia is not sure what's going on.

Kate seems to know something special is happening.

Kaycee is up for anything(as long as Dad stays at hand)

Kaden got really good at flying his kite. Everyone else thought it was too windy.
Kenidee gives her kite a try; and it goes right for a tree.

Friday, April 10, 2009

"Wicked" was the best!

Last night; Scott and I enjoyed an excellent viewing of Wicked.
There were lots of "celebreties" in the audience We sat right behind a lot of
Channel 4 people. Plus many political figures were there too.

This was probably the best Broadway play that I have ever attended. When I went to London a few years back, we saw Phantom, Les'Mes and Buddy Holly story.
But Wicked beats them all.

Monday, April 6, 2009

April Conference was great for sledding!

This past weekend; Jennifer's family went to Bear Lake to watch conference and have a little R&R. No snow on Friday night when we arrived; but when we woke up on Saturday; there was just enough snow to make for perfect sledding conditions. Notice that it was so warm that all coats came off.

Tim getting up after a SUPER hard push to get the sled down the hill. It went all the way across the golf course to the next fairway.

Scott had fun with a snowball fight with Kaden and Kenidee.

New Bear Lake T-shirts

Playing conference Bingo while listening to the talks.
Thanks for coming kids; we had a great time with you there.

Being a farmer is harder than it looks

Here is an update on the "farmers " in our family. Austin and Shawnee are sad to report that three of their turkeys had to be killed because they broke their legs sliding on the slick floor of the box they were in. The chickens however seem to be thriving. Austin says they are begining to "fly" around in their box and are getting bigger every day. Now it's on to buying a couple of cows to raise for meat. Good luck you guys.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

An unusual "baby sitting request"

Austin and Shawnee are trying their hands at being farmers, or ranchers. They bought 5 turkeys and 8 chickens to raise this summer. They had them over to my house last Saturday evening and then they needed to leave to go to a birthday dinner and asked us if they could leave the chicks for a "little" while. We locked them up in Vader's "room". and you can see it drove him nuts!

He stood in front of his "room" listening to the cheeping for nearly 3 hours!

I'm sure glad that it is Austin's and Shawnee's responsibility to feed, raise, change litter paper, and LISTEN to them til it gets warm enough to put them outside!