Thursday, August 7, 2008

What's this city girl doing milking a cow?

How fun is this? I have never even gotten this close to a cow, let alone milk one!

Owen shows us all how to milk a cow

Irene's son Owen is fascinated with the workings of this mother cow and where his morning milk comes from. All the grandkids had a great time on the farm at the Heritage Center in Logan.

Down on the Farm

For a recent family reunion, The Jenkins family went to Logan and we spent some time at the American Heritage Center. All the kids loved it! We even got to milk a cow that had just given birth 3 days prior to us being there. Here is Scott. (probably not the first cow he has ever milked)

Monday, August 4, 2008

4th of July and campaining for grandpa

All the kids decided to go to the square and get tattoos. Here is James, Kenidee and Reagan which are Jennifer's kids.

Here is Cameron, Hannah, Griffin and Brianne which are Erik's and Jolene's kids.

I bought a new toy for the kids this summer. It is an airplane that is a teeter-totter. It can hold seven kids up to the age of twelve! That fits all my age groups. It has been a fun backyard addition.

Here is our entire family!

Christmas time 2007. I just wanted you all to see my entire family. this was our last photo that we are all in. The kids all live close by except Jolene and Devin who live in Spanish Fork, Utah. Since this photo was taken, we have two new grand-daughters. Irene has a new daughter as well as Erik.