Saturday, December 27, 2008

A snow day at Austin's and Shawnee's house

On Friday December 26th, we went to Austin and Shawnee's house in Eden for a day of sledding. They have such a long driveway that we could just sled down it. Had to be careful not to go right into the highway below though. Even though it was COLD, we still had lot's of fun. Thanks you guys for all the hot chocolate!

We're going to Disneyland in the Spring!

We had a "Camo" Christmas for all the Grandkids. Kenidee and Kaden was too big to get the camo clothes, but they liked their new outfits as well.
Our Christmas this year was a trip to Disneyland for all of us! The kids got all the information they needed to plan our trip in the Spring. They each got a gift card to use for spending money at the park. We're hoping for an early May trip.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Kenidee's team plays championship game

Kenidee has been playing basketball on a recreation team this winter. They went the whole season without losing one game. Saturday, they played a Roy city team and won the championship. Way to go girls!

A day for a Movie Party

On Saturday December 20, we (my family) was invited to the Megaplex 12 theators in the Gateway in Salt Lake City to view the movie "The Tale of Despereaux". We all got free drinks and popcorn too. The weather was great; so it made the trip really nice. What a fun time to be in a huge theator all together.

Reagan,( Jennifer's) Griffin (Jolene's) and James (Jennifer's) enjoying the theator seating.

Monday, December 15, 2008

A New cub scout in the family!

Kaden is our first cub scout grandson. I think I am more excited for him than he is to be a scout. As soon as he got his uniform on; I noticed that he would find his reflection in our windows out in our back room and he would salute himself.
He is really excited to attend his first den meeting.

Kaden turns eight!

Kaden received scriptures for his birthday from us. He looked just like a future missionary. The very first thing he did was look up his favorite scripture and read it to his Grandma Vickie.

His ward primary gave his marking pencils and a book to record his memories of the day.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My oldest Grand-daughter has her eleventh birthday

Kenidee has turned 11 years old. She wanted a basketball and some new sport shorts which of course Grandma was only too happy to get for her. Happy birthday darling!