Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Painting has begun!

So basically, this is why I didn't want to paint that back room myself. Look at all the plastic!

Whoops! Vader brushed up against a wall while it was still wet! This is the second time he has painted himself!

Painting the back family room

Phase two in our remodel; paint the back family room. After what I went through with the kitchen; we decided to hire it done. Our painter we hired had someone come in for a day to plaster all the cracks.
Well the cracks proved to be a HUGE problem. We had rust and bubbling of the plasterboard. A one day job has turned into a 3 day and still counting just for the replastering and repairing!

And that is not even the painting part! Painting was to take at least 3 days. I'm alittle nervous as to what will happen when the painting starts. And now that the furniture is moved out of the room; I definately need a shampoo job!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Scott!

Last Tuesday, April 13th Scott turned 60 years old! Boy was he depressed! But this past weekend all the kids came home and we went to Taggarts to celebrate.
Then on Sunday we all had dinner here. When we are all here; it makes for a very FULL room.

James had just gotten new glasses. I think that he looks so cute. He's not sure however; that he likes them yet.
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My girls pose for a picture together while we were outside eating cake and ice cream. What a great day to be outside!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy number 5 for James

Saturday was James' birthday. He turned 5 years old. This boy loves sports of all kinds and that's what he wanted for his birthday. A basketball from Mom and Dad.
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A T-ball bat and mitt from Grandma and Grandpa Jenkins. He is on a team this spring and games start up soon.

James is a great boy and we love him very much and wish him a happy happy birthday.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Fun activities for Easter Sunday

Our Easter "helpers" this year were much taller than the kids. It took some "outside the box" thinking to retrieve our eggs.

Kenidee had to climb the swing set for an egg.

It's always fun to see the little ones when they see eggs to gather.

Checking all the eggs to see how much money was found. Griffin and Kenidee came out the winners with $9 each.