Monday, June 13, 2011

Hotel Utah's 100th Anniversary Gala

Friday Night June 10th 2011 Marked the 100 years for Hotel Utah and Joseph Smith Memorial building. Scott and I were invited to a dinner Gala that evening. As it turned out we were the only senators there. Brad Dee and his wife Marsha from the House were the only ones from that body. Period dress was encouraged. Out of 800 invited....I'd say only about 24 couples dressed up. Most being the "host and hostesses" for the evening. But we thought dressing up was a blast!
Standing in front of a fabulous ice sculpture .
A better picture of the sculpture. It was truely amazing.
President Monson sitting on the main floor and beside him was the Govornor and his wife Jeanette (in the blue hat) are sitted next to him. President Monson spoke as well as Govornor Herbert and Mayor Becker of Salt Lake City. Our seats were above everyone else in the Mezzanine level. This will go down in our memory of special things that we did while Scott was in the Senate.


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Matt and Jess said...

Wow, that looks super fun!! I love the cool outfits too!

Austin & Shawnee said...

I'm glad you guys had you looked fabulous!

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